How to Whitewash a Fireplace

Whitewash Fireplace

A New Look for Old Brick

You love that old fireplace in your living room, but can't stand the initial brick finish. Lighten up that traditional red brick by whitewashing it. This can help create a cozy and roomy looking space in just five steps! 

Tools Required

-Sash Brush

-Spray Bottle

-Cardboard or Kraft Paper

-Scrub Brush

-Latex Gloves


-Painter’s Tape

-Clean Cotton Rags

-Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

-Drop Cloth

-Mixing Bucket

-White Interior Flat Latex Paint and Primer

Cleaning Brick

1. Wash the Brick

Using the TSP and scrub brush, wash the brick and grout thoroughly, getting off any soot and dirt. Rinse with clean water and let dry. If the brick is already painted, clean and repair any chipping, damaged, or blistering areas.

Painter's Tape

2. Mask Around the Fireplace

Take the painter’s tape and mask the walls, cabinets, or doors around the fireplace. Cover the mantel with cardboard or kraft paper for protection. Use a drop cloth for the floor.

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Mixing Paint

3. Mix the Paint

Pour equal parts of paint and water into a mixing container and mix till you get an even consistency. Start with less paint and more water, you can always add more paint or layers as you go.

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Painting Brick

4. Apply Whitewash

Use the spray bottle, filled with water, lightly wet the brick down in small areas. Make sure the brick is moist and not dripping wet. While the bricks are moist, and while wearing latex gloves, take the cotton cloth and dip it into the bucket of paint and water mixture. Lightly wipe the brick with the cotton cloth. Use the sash brush to paint the mortar and hard to reach places. Repeat this step until all bricks are painted.

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Whitewash Fireplace

5. Let Dry

Follow the manufacturer's drying instructions. Wait at least 24 hours before using the fireplace.  

Now that you've mastered whitewashing your brick fireplace, use this technique on other types of brick around your home. This trendy style will catch the eyes of guests while lightening and opening up any room. Head over to your local Do it Best store to pick up supplies and get started!

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